5 Points That Tell You He Is Not Ideal For You

Most of the people make a mistake and will go ahead to start a new relationship without researching as a result face problems. To avoid such problems, it is better to ask yourself few questions to resolve the issue. However, on sadi.com, you are definitely going to get good matches.

When did he support you? How did you feel about that?

Recall situations in which he supported you it becomes easy for you to decide whether he is the right person for you or not. A good man supports you in all situations and will never discourage you.

Always motivates you:

Write down when he encouraged you and how it helped you because it helps you to choose the right partner for you.

Is he honest and gives respect for your feelings?

Ask yourself whether during your relationship he understood your feelings or not. It is a great way to know about your relationship with your partner. Often people will not consider it but, it plays a key role to build a good relationship in future.

Do you think your partner argues a lot with you?

Check in which situations your partner is arguing and is it worth or not what it is leading to because it helps you to take a final decision. A good man understands and remains calms for a time to handle the situation which is a sign that he is a cool person.

Do you really know everything about your partner?

A True and decent man tells complete details about him and will never hide anything from you. It is a sign that he will stay with your forever.

See his attitude towards you:

If he is really interested in you he will never change his behaviour but, he tries to avoid you when he is less interested in you.

If you offered anything to him what is his reaction?

Test him by offering some gifts for few days and stop giving after some days because it helps to find out whether he is the right choice for you or not. Some people make relationship with you for some elements so by trying this test you can easily evaluate the character of the person.

Is he joining you all the time or else only when you are in happy moments?

Check whether he is supporting you in all situations or not because it makes it easy for you to know whether he really cares you or not.

Recall how you both enjoyed together:

Think about situations which you have spent together happily and in which situations you have argued for what purpose which becomes easy for you to analyse and take a final decision.

Are you comfortable with the timings of your partner?

Most of the people break their relationship after marriage because of the timings as it affects their relationship. Therefore, it is important to ask yourself whether you are comfortable to move with your partner in any timing which becomes easy for you to maintain a healthy relationship.