Foods to Look Forward At Devanga Weddings

Devanga caste was mainly those of the Brahmins. Thus, these weddings are mainly done in the Hindu style only. You will find that in devanga matrimony there are rituals which mainly match with the Hindu rituals. These weddings are brief and quite interesting. All the rituals that are carried out are important rituals. Thus, they should be performed properly with the right methodology. Devanga weddings also serve good food and here are some of the things you should know about.

Foods at devanga weddings

Just like every Indian wedding you will see that devanga weddings serve very tasty and lavish food for the guests who come to attend the wedding. These weddings are attended by even the farthest relatives. They eat vegetarian food and thus, you will find pure vegetarian food that is served at the wedding venue. In earlier days, these weddings were only celebrated at the bride’s home. But now, you will find, the modern families celebrate the functions at a hotel or in banquet halls.

You will find a good catering service making amazing dishes for the guests. There would be starters and juices in the start. As the wedding would proceed, there would be main course, and this would include roti or poori, curry, dal, rice, sweets and fried item. Yes, there would be papads and pickles too. You will surely find some tasty and delicious sweets and deserts in devanga matrimony.

Make the guest list before the celebration

As soon as wedding is fixed, you should create a guest list so that you can get an idea about what would be the total charge of food. There would be food served at engagement too. Also, around the pre-wedding ceremonies you will find good food too.

In devanga weddings you will really find many interesting rituals too. There is kashi yatra wherein the groom goes for kashi yatra early in the morning. This is a symbolic ritual. The maternal uncle of the bride then stops the groom and tells him to marry the bride. When he sees the bride he gets impressed and gets ready to marry her. This is just a symbolic thing.

Apart from this, the wedding ceremony has most of the rituals are that in Hindu weddings. Devanga weddings are just like every other wedding. There are pre-wedding ceremonies, wedding rituals as well as a few post-wedding rituals. In most of the cases, these marriages are arranged marriages as the mediators arrange them. The first ritual is the matching of horoscope by the family priest. Once that is done, things move forward from there.

Devanga people are also quite sweet and they give good importance to food too. They are food lovers and thus they serve good food for the guests too. Indian weddings are full of fun and people already have started appreciating them all over the world. The same thing holds true for devanga weddings too. You will just love their rituals and the kind of things they celebrate and the typical way in which they do them.