Pre-Wedding Rituals of Jain Wedding

Just like all the other castes, even Jains love the lavishness of the wedding. Thus they like celebrating the wedding rituals in a meaningful way. But these rituals are often elaborate. They want the marriage to be good and lavish as they want to tell people that the bride and the groom would be together for rest of their lives. There are some wedding rituals and a few pre-wedding rituals at Jain matrimony. Here are the details of the same.

The pre wedding rituals in Jain wedding

The Jain wedding is something that involves a few customs and rituals. The very first ritual is called as gud dhana. In this the elders fix the wedding of the bride and the groom. Jaggery mix is to be given to all as this indicates that the wedding is fixed and the couple would have a great life ahead. Once this is done, there is sagai or ring ceremony. In this there would be exchange of rings. The bride’s family would give a golden chain and ring to the groom. The groom’s family would gift a sari and some jewelry to the bride. This is what happens in sagai.

Now, a few days before wedding there is a ritual called as lagna lekhan. In this the priest reads the lagna patrika or the wedding card and a few cards are to be given to special people. The first card goes to the God’s temple. The second goes to the elder of the family. The third goes to very close relative. Later the patrika would be given to the other party and then it would be ready for distribution.

Before wedding, there is a ritual called as samurta. This happens 3-4 days before the wedding ceremony. In this, the ladies in the family meet and sing songs for the couple. The next one is sangeet. In this the families meet for fun, music and dance. Later, there is mehendi for the bride. On the day of wedding, in the morning, there has to be mandap mahurat. This starts with ganesh puja and then there is application of turmeric on the bride and the groom. This can happen at bride’s place as well as groom’s place or at the wedding location.

After all these ceremonies, comes the main day of wedding.

All the pre-wedding rituals are done with care

As per jains all these customs are important and they should be performed with care. Often, they would consult the priest or the elders of the family and they would guide the family where the wedding is held about how to perform the rituals. Coconut also plays a key role in all these rituals. During sagai also there is exchange of coconuts. Also on the day when there is mandap mahurat, the bride and the groom have to hold coconut in their hands while the ritual is going on.

Even in wedding rituals, coconut plays a key role as it is considered as shubh that is holy. Jains are simple people. But you can see that in Jain matrimony things are quite organized and look lavish too.