Some Offbeat Jewellery & Accessories Ideas For A Kayastha Bride

The beauty of a bride is the focus of all Indian weddings and the jewelry that adorns her on the day of the wedding plays an important role. Although the bride has to wear traditional pieces of jewelry that has been preserved in the family for generations, offbeat jewelry can make a bride stand out among others along with her beautiful apparel. While Polki earrings are popularly worn by the bride on the day of the wedding, making some changes can make the bride look entirely different such as an exotic piece of diamond earring along with a necklace. As part of the Kayastha matrimony, the bride has to wear multiple jewelry items on the wedding day.

Different types of jewelry

Indian jewelry items have taken a place of pride across the globe and always earn appreciation for innovative designs and good quality. However, when it comes to offbeat jewelry for the bride, there are myriad options that are available online. You can stick to stone studded items instead of pieces that are made from pure gold. For instance, bajuband and kamarband can reflect the color of the saree or lehenga which the bride wears on the wedding day. This can be contrasted with pure gold jewelry that adorns other parts of the body. When it comes to Indian weddings, it is difficult to imagine a marriage without gold.

Bangles and ring

Keeping in mind, Kayastha matrimony, finding offbeat bangles and rings will not be difficult although you have to be creative and watch out for items that match with the other pieces. Besides the bangles that are part of the tradition when it comes to Kayastha weddings that are to be necessarily worn by the bride, it is a good option to look for other bangles that are made from gold. The color of the dress determines the kind of jewelry that can work best for the bride on the day of the wedding. With a red saree or lehenga, the bangles and ring can have meenakari work which will surely match with the stone studded items such as kamarband and bajuband.

Toe rings and necklace

The necklace is one of the most prominent jewelry that the bride wears on the day of the wedding. If you are keen to buy an offbeat piece for the bride, try to look for collections that are prevalent nowadays. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is whether it matches with the apparel of the bride or not. Whatever it may be, there is hardly an alternative to gold when you plan to buy a necklace which is creative in more than one ways. A combination of gold with other metals can be an offbeat collection for the bride. Similarly, the toe ring can be studded with stone instead of a piece which is entirely made from metal.

The significance of offbeat items

Although a majority of brides prefer wearing traditional jewelry on the day of the wedding, you have to make sure that the collection you have chosen goes with the complexion and the apparel of the bride that makes her look stunning on the special day. The choice of jewelry matters a lot in Indian weddings and you have to pick the most selective pieces for the bride.