The 5 Kinds Of People You’d Find On The Best Vegetarian Dating Sites

Finding a partner who avoids eating meat and dairy, just like you, can be a little difficult when the majority prefers non-vegetarian food at least sometimes. However, dating sites that are exclusively dedicated to vegetarians can help deal with this difficulty very easily. The best vegetarian dating sites tend to act as a secure platform for vegetarians to come together, from different parts of the country or even the world. But then, there can be sub-divisions in the kind of vegetarianism they follow. Here are the five most common categories of people that you are likely to come across on veggie dating sites.

  1. The Plain And Simple Vegetarian: This person only consumes vegetables, fruits, nuts and other plant based products and dairy. Some vegetarians are okay with the consumption of eggs but all of them strictly avoid meat and fish.
  2. The Stringent Vegan: This person is a notch higher than the simple veggie. He or she would have sworn off dairy and eggs too along with any kind of meat. Vegans do not consider themselves to be on top of the food chain and believe that milk and milk products are not meant for humans but for the offspring of that particular animal. Similarly, they are not at all okay with the concept of consuming any kind of animal product at all.
  3. The Raw-Foodist: There can be two kinds of raw-foodists. One, who has temporarily adopted this diet for battling some healthy issue such as weight gain and the second, who has adopted raw-foodism as a whole philosophy. Raw-foodists only eat uncooked and unprocessed foods such as nuts, seeds, dairy, fruits, vegetables, and so on. In short, everything is consumed in a natural and unadulterated form by a raw-foodist.
  4. The Fruitarian: A close cousin of the vegetarian, a fruitarian differs only in the choice of plant produce that he or she consumes. As the name suggests, a fruitarian is a person who survives only on a diet of fruits. Nothing cooked or processed, no grains, no dairy and not even most vegetables and herbs. It is just fruits, fresh fruit juices and sun-dried fruits that keep them going.
  5. The Macrobiotic: Probably the most spiritual of the lot, a macrobiotic is more of a believer in the principles of Buddhism and specifically, the principles governing diet. He or she eats in order to maintain the balance of yin and yang and his or her diet would comprise of organic whole foods, of course without a trace of meat.