Some Offbeat Jewellery & Accessories Ideas For A Kayastha Bride

The beauty of a bride is the focus of all Indian weddings and the jewelry that adorns her on the day of the wedding plays an important role. Although the bride has to wear traditional pieces of jewelry that has been preserved in the family for generations, offbeat jewelry can make a bride stand out among others along with her beautiful apparel. While Polki earrings are popularly worn by the bride on the day of the wedding, making some changes can make the bride look entirely different such as an exotic piece of diamond earring along with a necklace. As part of the Kayastha matrimony, the bride has to wear multiple jewelry items on the wedding day.

Different types of jewelry

Indian jewelry items have taken a place of pride across the globe and always earn appreciation for innovative designs and good quality. However, when it comes to offbeat jewelry for the bride, there are myriad options that are available online. You can stick to stone studded items instead of pieces that are made from pure gold. For instance, bajuband and kamarband can reflect the color of the saree or lehenga which the bride wears on the wedding day. This can be contrasted with pure gold jewelry that adorns other parts of the body. When it comes to Indian weddings, it is difficult to imagine a marriage without gold.

Bangles and ring

Keeping in mind, Kayastha matrimony, finding offbeat bangles and rings will not be difficult although you have to be creative and watch out for items that match with the other pieces. Besides the bangles that are part of the tradition when it comes to Kayastha weddings that are to be necessarily worn by the bride, it is a good option to look for other bangles that are made from gold. The color of the dress determines the kind of jewelry that can work best for the bride on the day of the wedding. With a red saree or lehenga, the bangles and ring can have meenakari work which will surely match with the stone studded items such as kamarband and bajuband.

Toe rings and necklace

The necklace is one of the most prominent jewelry that the bride wears on the day of the wedding. If you are keen to buy an offbeat piece for the bride, try to look for collections that are prevalent nowadays. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is whether it matches with the apparel of the bride or not. Whatever it may be, there is hardly an alternative to gold when you plan to buy a necklace which is creative in more than one ways. A combination of gold with other metals can be an offbeat collection for the bride. Similarly, the toe ring can be studded with stone instead of a piece which is entirely made from metal.

The significance of offbeat items

Although a majority of brides prefer wearing traditional jewelry on the day of the wedding, you have to make sure that the collection you have chosen goes with the complexion and the apparel of the bride that makes her look stunning on the special day. The choice of jewelry matters a lot in Indian weddings and you have to pick the most selective pieces for the bride.

5 Points That Tell You He Is Not Ideal For You

Most of the people make a mistake and will go ahead to start a new relationship without researching as a result face problems. To avoid such problems, it is better to ask yourself few questions to resolve the issue. However, on, you are definitely going to get good matches.

When did he support you? How did you feel about that?

Recall situations in which he supported you it becomes easy for you to decide whether he is the right person for you or not. A good man supports you in all situations and will never discourage you.

Always motivates you:

Write down when he encouraged you and how it helped you because it helps you to choose the right partner for you.

Is he honest and gives respect for your feelings?

Ask yourself whether during your relationship he understood your feelings or not. It is a great way to know about your relationship with your partner. Often people will not consider it but, it plays a key role to build a good relationship in future.

Do you think your partner argues a lot with you?

Check in which situations your partner is arguing and is it worth or not what it is leading to because it helps you to take a final decision. A good man understands and remains calms for a time to handle the situation which is a sign that he is a cool person.

Do you really know everything about your partner?

A True and decent man tells complete details about him and will never hide anything from you. It is a sign that he will stay with your forever.

See his attitude towards you:

If he is really interested in you he will never change his behaviour but, he tries to avoid you when he is less interested in you.

If you offered anything to him what is his reaction?

Test him by offering some gifts for few days and stop giving after some days because it helps to find out whether he is the right choice for you or not. Some people make relationship with you for some elements so by trying this test you can easily evaluate the character of the person.

Is he joining you all the time or else only when you are in happy moments?

Check whether he is supporting you in all situations or not because it makes it easy for you to know whether he really cares you or not.

Recall how you both enjoyed together:

Think about situations which you have spent together happily and in which situations you have argued for what purpose which becomes easy for you to analyse and take a final decision.

Are you comfortable with the timings of your partner?

Most of the people break their relationship after marriage because of the timings as it affects their relationship. Therefore, it is important to ask yourself whether you are comfortable to move with your partner in any timing which becomes easy for you to maintain a healthy relationship.

Wedding Ideas Only a Planner Can Execute

Timeless. Elegant. Pretty. Luxurious. Classic. Beautiful. These are a few words amongst many that you’d want to use while describing your wedding. You may have a lot of ideas in your head when it comes to your big day, but you maybe unsure of how to execute them.

For example, you may want to have an alfresco table top adorned with mason jars filled with colorful flowers and antique cutlery, but you don’t have a clue about where and how to get these goodies and assemble them.

This article explores wedding arrangement ideas that are best pulled off under the watchful eye of a wedding planner.

Your Backdrop

When you decide on a venue, it’s your planner’s job to get the most out of a location. An experienced wedding planner has dealt with various kinds of situations and clients to exactly know what kind of wedding you want. The backdrop is the backbone of your venue. It unifies other elements in a wedding, so whether it’s a masquerade or a pastel white and blush wedding, your planner will know how to go about it without stressing you out!

The Food

Wedding food is another tricky department which needs expert attention. There are a number of caterers out there and going to each and every one of them for a quote is too much for a couple whose plate is already full with other chores. A planner will know which caterer to hire in accordance with your venue and meal plan.

The Flowers

No wedding is complete without flowers. Thus, you need to pay special attention to the kind of flowers you choose for your wedding. For example, if you are planning a beach wedding, it is best to get your arrangements fixed instead of free flowing because the sea breeze can take all your flowers with it to the sea! Also, you will be needing to specially ask for flowers that do not clash with one another when it comes to fragrances. These are the little things your planner takes care of, which make them absolutely necessary for a wedding!If you are looking for an experienced wedding planner, consider Maltese Dreams. The owner Josie Maltese specializes in beach weddings. Feel free to contact her to know more about the packages and services offered!

Skin Care Regimes For Brides To Be

Brides want to look good in their shadi. This is not just the case with Indian brides but everywhere in the world. Brides do take special care especially when they are getting married. They just want the skin and hair to look great. So, here are some of the skin care regimes the bride should opt for.

The skin care regimes for the new bride

  • When your shadi gets fixed you must start with green tea. This will make your skin look radiant. Also, you should let the skin look soft and supple. For that you must apply fresh face packs made out of natural ingredients.
  • You must also take good care of your diet. The food that you eat would have direct impact on your skin. Let your skin look amazing and so you should eat right. Have lots of fresh fruits and vegetables everyday.
  • You must start drinking lots of natural fluids. This would help you remove all sorts of toxins from your body. Make sure that you use this water therapy everyday.
  • You must ask some beauty expert and ask for a good body massage. This should be done before the wedding. Ideally you can do those 4-6 days before the wedding. You should take a natural facial. Also, take hair spa from the beautician. You can opt for laser hair removal if needed. But then this should be taken up a few days in advance.
  • You should purchase the best quality cosmetics and makeup items. This will help you in the longer run. So, just get ready for the perfect products.

The skin care should be holistic

You must keep one thing in mind and that is, the skin care regimen should be holistic. You must consider all the points before you decide anything. You will have to pay a hefty price for the bridal packages. This may include the bleach, wax, facial and manicure and pedicure. But, if you are sober and simple, then you can discard things that you may not need.

You can look good naturally

Being a bride does not mean that you will have to cover yourself with loads of cosmetics. You can look good naturally. Just be careful about the skin and look great in that manner. You should know how you have to look and then based on that you can move ahead. There was a time when women thought that a female should get ready completely from tip to toe to be a bride. But these days you will find that even the brides believe in simplicity. So, just move ahead with such things and ideas. You should know as to how you want to look and then based on that you can order the beauty expert. However, the skin care regimes really matter a lot when you are would be bride. This would make good amount of difference in your life. Enhance the look of your skin and stay connected with beauty.

Destinations For a Royal Style Wedding

Weddings in India are a big affair and are celebrated with a lot of pomp and show. Attention to detail is given to every aspect of the wedding from decor, lighting, and food to attires, entertainment and enjoyment. A new trend has set in today of having destination weddings; away from the hustle bustle of city life. We tell you some of the best places to have your fairy tale royal wedding.

Udaipur- A Royal Bonanza

Udaipur is the number one destination for a regal wedding. The city of lakes has ethereal charm that you would want on your special day. It offers regal palace venues designed in contemporary style with traditional architecture. These palatial monuments blend traditional charm of the city and the modern amenities to have a perfect wedding. There are many hotels you could choose from situated around Lake Pichola. They have the perfect setting for a fairytale wedding. You could take any pick as the aesthetic beauty at all the venues is unparalled.

Jaipur- Royalty at its Helm

The pink city of Jaipur is another popular destination for weddings. It has the regal heritage and aesthetic beauty to have an extravagant royal wedding that you have always dreamed of. It has great choices for weddings like Raj Palace, Gold Palace and Samode Palace. All these venues have the perfect ambiance and decor to set the tone for a royal wedding. You could also try out some forts that are given out for weddings to give a rustic feel to your wedding. If you want a list of wedding venues in Jaipur you could also log into It has a list of all the great places to tie the knot.

Jodhpur- Immerse yourself in regal fervor

Jodhpur or the blue city is another famous royal wedding destination. It has a perfect mix of magnificence, comfort and old world charm to make for a perfect royal wedding. There are many havelis and old palaces that are converted into hotels that are perfect to have your wedding. You will be enchanted with the ambiance and the service offered as seen in many Bollywood style movies. Also, Mehrangarh Fort standing tall serves as a perfect backdrop to add to the regal fervor.

Neemrana Fort- A Perfect place to say ‘I do’

Located near Gurgaon, Neemrana is an ancient fort that is now given out for weddings. It has awe inspiring architecture and jaw dropping ambiance. It has a striking balance of historical and contemporary design making it apt for weddings. Also, being so close to Delhi, it makes for an easy getaway especially for your big day. So get set to exchange your vows at this vibrant site with rustic appeal and exuberant vibe.

Agra- An eternal wedding destination

Agra is one of the oldest historical cities- a city that needs no introduction. It is a perfect example of love, where Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal wrote their love saga. So what better place to tie the knot in royal Mughal style with the Taj Mahal as a backdrop. Your opulent royal wedding will be etched in everyone’s memory for times to come.

With all these exotic locations your search for a unique royal wedding destination is over. Now all you have to do is pack your bags and get ready to enjoy your big day in royal style.

5 Tips for Being a Great Bridesmaid

The Top 6 Reasons You’re Still Single

No one likes to admit that they’re single – especially when majority of your friends have settled down and started having families. Although it might seem like you have incredibly bad luck with the ladies, chances are there’s a few reasons you’re still single-even if you aren’t aware of the reasons why. Consider the following reasons you might still be single and change them now to improve your chances of finding (and keeping) the girl.

1) You’re Immature

Granted, everyone can be immature at times, if you’re still finding the same things funny as when you were a pre-teen, chances are you have some growing up to do. That’s not to say that you have to lose the sense of humour all together – women enjoy a man with a sense of humour, but many times, the timing is everything.

If you can’t participate in adult conversations without cracking a joke or shifting uncomfortably, it might be time to reconsider your position.

2) Your Address-Or Lack There Of

For many women, your address has virtually nothing to do with where you physically reside and everything to do with who you reside with. Chances are, if you’re trying to find a serious woman who’s ready to settle down – living with your parents will be a major setback. But parents aren’t the only negative living quarters; living with multiple roommates or an ex-girlfriend can negatively impact your relationships too. A woman wants someone who is able to care for his own space – living in comfortable but not ideal situations lacks this skill.

3) You’re Constantly Negative

If you believe that the universe doesn’t treat you well, bad things always happen to you or maybe even that you’re unlucky – it could be impacting your relationship status. Women want a partner who is not afraid of changing their situations, rather than sitting comfortably wallowing in self-pity.

4) You’re Too Much of a Risk

Remember that time you thought it would be a good idea to drive down the highway backwards? It turns out women aren’t particularly fond of such stupid behavior. If you’re constantly starting conversations with, “I thought it would be a good idea,” she’s already ruled you out as a life partner. After all, what’s the point in getting to know someone who is likely to seriously injure themselves in the near future?

5) You’re Unemployed or Under-Employed

Money makes the world go round and if you’re not willing to contribute to society – chances are she’s not willing to commit herself to you. The same holds true if you are currently under-employed. If you’re working in a part-time job and not in school, it’s time to seek another career.

6) You Have No Goals or Ambitions

If you don’t know where you want to be, it paints a scary picture of your future for her. Women like men who want the best out of life, have goals and desires that they want to achieve – men who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and realize their goals. If you don’t have any goals set for the near or distant future, she’s probably not willing to be a part of a plan that goes nowhere.

Pre-Wedding Rituals of Jain Wedding

Just like all the other castes, even Jains love the lavishness of the wedding. Thus they like celebrating the wedding rituals in a meaningful way. But these rituals are often elaborate. They want the marriage to be good and lavish as they want to tell people that the bride and the groom would be together for rest of their lives. There are some wedding rituals and a few pre-wedding rituals at Jain matrimony. Here are the details of the same.

The pre wedding rituals in Jain wedding

The Jain wedding is something that involves a few customs and rituals. The very first ritual is called as gud dhana. In this the elders fix the wedding of the bride and the groom. Jaggery mix is to be given to all as this indicates that the wedding is fixed and the couple would have a great life ahead. Once this is done, there is sagai or ring ceremony. In this there would be exchange of rings. The bride’s family would give a golden chain and ring to the groom. The groom’s family would gift a sari and some jewelry to the bride. This is what happens in sagai.

Now, a few days before wedding there is a ritual called as lagna lekhan. In this the priest reads the lagna patrika or the wedding card and a few cards are to be given to special people. The first card goes to the God’s temple. The second goes to the elder of the family. The third goes to very close relative. Later the patrika would be given to the other party and then it would be ready for distribution.

Before wedding, there is a ritual called as samurta. This happens 3-4 days before the wedding ceremony. In this, the ladies in the family meet and sing songs for the couple. The next one is sangeet. In this the families meet for fun, music and dance. Later, there is mehendi for the bride. On the day of wedding, in the morning, there has to be mandap mahurat. This starts with ganesh puja and then there is application of turmeric on the bride and the groom. This can happen at bride’s place as well as groom’s place or at the wedding location.

After all these ceremonies, comes the main day of wedding.

All the pre-wedding rituals are done with care

As per jains all these customs are important and they should be performed with care. Often, they would consult the priest or the elders of the family and they would guide the family where the wedding is held about how to perform the rituals. Coconut also plays a key role in all these rituals. During sagai also there is exchange of coconuts. Also on the day when there is mandap mahurat, the bride and the groom have to hold coconut in their hands while the ritual is going on.

Even in wedding rituals, coconut plays a key role as it is considered as shubh that is holy. Jains are simple people. But you can see that in Jain matrimony things are quite organized and look lavish too.

Important Things to Consider at Pillai Weddings

Indian weddings have so much relevance in the lives of the people. Just like other communities, Pillai too are quite excited about the weddings in their family. The first thing that is important in this culture is that the father and the mother of the girl first finds out whether or not she is ready for or interested in the wedding. If the girl says yes, then the parents start their search for the good groom. In pillai matrimony there would be many rituals that you will be able to see.

There are so many things you need to know about this:

  • In pillai weddings you will see that there would be dowry in open. Yes, in between public the dowry would be finalized and then the bride’s father would then give that much on the wedding day.
  • In order to let the people around know about the daughter’s wedding in progress, there is a pole created with mango leaves on the top part. This would let people around know that the daughter is just about to get married.
  • Pillai weddings are interesting and there are some amazing rituals. Gold is melted and then a thali has to be created with this. This is called as mangalsutra.
  • Many modern pillai families celebrate the weddings in two ways. The first one is done in the traditional way in front of the priest. The one is then taken up at some modern venue like resort or some amazing destination.
  • There are many pre-wedding ceremonies too that you will find in pillai matrimony. These would include haldi, mehendi, puja and so on.
  • The modern generations also celebrate things like parties and theme ceremonies. This would help in getting more time for loved ones and an enjoyable feeling.

In the times when wedding really would be something quite exciting, the hosts should work towards making wedding a friendly and grand affair. Pillai are simple people. Thus most of the weddings take place in traditional ways. But these days you will find that many things are modernized and now people have come up with destination weddings too. In earlier days, these weddings would serve only authentic and traditional foods. But now, people do not mind opting for fusion foods too.

The bride is expected to wear a sari at the wedding and the groom can also wear something traditional. They have to look their best. Modern families opt for different clothing couture. But again, it’s everyone’s personal choice.

Weddings are the time when you would really love being in touch with your relatives. In fact, this would be a very good time for the bride to spend some time with close friends and relatives. The idea that the parents would soon begin the search after the daughter says yes; is just so exciting. Later, they would announce the willingness of her daughter to get married. This is something that says that how people in pillai families love and respect the daughters’ view.

Foods to Look Forward At Devanga Weddings

Devanga caste was mainly those of the Brahmins. Thus, these weddings are mainly done in the Hindu style only. You will find that in devanga matrimony there are rituals which mainly match with the Hindu rituals. These weddings are brief and quite interesting. All the rituals that are carried out are important rituals. Thus, they should be performed properly with the right methodology. Devanga weddings also serve good food and here are some of the things you should know about.

Foods at devanga weddings

Just like every Indian wedding you will see that devanga weddings serve very tasty and lavish food for the guests who come to attend the wedding. These weddings are attended by even the farthest relatives. They eat vegetarian food and thus, you will find pure vegetarian food that is served at the wedding venue. In earlier days, these weddings were only celebrated at the bride’s home. But now, you will find, the modern families celebrate the functions at a hotel or in banquet halls.

You will find a good catering service making amazing dishes for the guests. There would be starters and juices in the start. As the wedding would proceed, there would be main course, and this would include roti or poori, curry, dal, rice, sweets and fried item. Yes, there would be papads and pickles too. You will surely find some tasty and delicious sweets and deserts in devanga matrimony.

Make the guest list before the celebration

As soon as wedding is fixed, you should create a guest list so that you can get an idea about what would be the total charge of food. There would be food served at engagement too. Also, around the pre-wedding ceremonies you will find good food too.

In devanga weddings you will really find many interesting rituals too. There is kashi yatra wherein the groom goes for kashi yatra early in the morning. This is a symbolic ritual. The maternal uncle of the bride then stops the groom and tells him to marry the bride. When he sees the bride he gets impressed and gets ready to marry her. This is just a symbolic thing.

Apart from this, the wedding ceremony has most of the rituals are that in Hindu weddings. Devanga weddings are just like every other wedding. There are pre-wedding ceremonies, wedding rituals as well as a few post-wedding rituals. In most of the cases, these marriages are arranged marriages as the mediators arrange them. The first ritual is the matching of horoscope by the family priest. Once that is done, things move forward from there.

Devanga people are also quite sweet and they give good importance to food too. They are food lovers and thus they serve good food for the guests too. Indian weddings are full of fun and people already have started appreciating them all over the world. The same thing holds true for devanga weddings too. You will just love their rituals and the kind of things they celebrate and the typical way in which they do them.